Weekly Face Care Kit


Weekly Face Care Kit


Once a week is all it takes to keep your skin looking amazing. Achieve clearer, more balanced skin with our all-natural Weekly Face Care Kit. We let you choose the perfect mix of products for your desired outcome and skin type. 

This product typically ships within 1-4 days of purchase.

Kit Includes:
(1) 4 oz FACE SCRUB
(1) 2 oz FACE MASK

This invigorating multi-benefit scrub exfoliates, nurtures and moisturizes your skin. Made with brown sugar crystals, organic vanilla, and tea tree oil this scrub prevents moisture loss while gently buffing away dry skin cells. Tea Tree Oil's natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory actions make this scrub the best choice when dealing with acne.
MIDTOWN VILLAGE: This gentle exfoliator leaves your skin supple and glowing with a nourishing blend of natural botanicals. All-natural Caster Sugar, Fair Trade Coffee, and Madagascar Vanilla gently sloughs away dry skin cells to reveal a youthful and even skin tone.

COBBS CREEK- This organic botanical steam is a calming mix featuring amazing organic ingredients such as Chamomile flowers, Peppermint leaf, Hibiscus petals, Calendula flowers, Cornflowers, and Lemon Verbena leaf. 
STARR GARDEN- This organic botanical steam is a subtle, summery mix featuring amazing organic ingredients such as Sunflower petals, Jasmine buds, Chrysanthemum flowers, and Red Clover blossoms.
WASHINGTON SQUARE- This organic botanical steam is floral nirvana featuring such all-time favorites as Rose petals, Lavender buds, Calendula flowers, and Linden leaf.

Our top acne fighter! This amazing, nourishing treatment makes your skin smooth, soft and supple. Featuring such powerhouses as organic Raw Cacao, Turmeric, Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal, and Moroccan Rhassoul Clay it will leave your skin feeling renewed and radiant.
SPRUCE HILL- Our detox specialist! Nourish and purify your skin with one amazing mask! Featuring a powerful blend of Bentonite Clay, Matcha Green Tea, Pomegranate Extract, and Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal. This rich antioxidant blend results in visibly fresh, smooth, radiant, and soft skin.
QUEEN VILLAGE- Best for sensitive skin! Bring your skin back to life with our Queen Village Face Mask. Featuring a hydrating blend of White French Clay, Colloidal Oatmeal, Aloe Vera, and Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal. Say goodbye to dull, unhealthy and lifeless skin with this nourishing mask.
MIDTOWN VILLAGE- Best for radiant skin! This decadent mask leaves your skin supple and glowing with a nourishing blend of natural botanicals. Featuring an amazing blend of Bentonite Clay, Fair Trade Coffee, Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla, and Coconut Shell Activated Charcoal. Discover luminous skin with our Midtown Village Face Mask.

These all-natural products are plant based, cruelty free, paraben free and come in recyclable packaging.

As part of our social mission 5% of the purchase of this product will go towards helping dog rescue organizations!


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