Introducing Mary....

Hey guys!  My name is Mary and I have also joined the Franklin & Whitman family as a content writer for the blog and I am so excited to start this journey! I am a third year student at Temple University studying Graphic Design, which is something I have become very passionate about over the past couple years. You usually will find me in the design studio, at the gym, or pretty much anywhere I can pet a dog. Almost everything I do is shared with my best friend, Sienna… we are basically a package deal! So when I say I really love animals, she can confirm that I REALLY love animals. When I found out that ALL Franklin & Whitman products are plant-based and cruelty free, how could I go wrong? They really put a lot of thought behind their products and what goes in them, which makes me appreciate this company that much more.

What’s my WHY? Why do I love Franklin & Whitman so much?

When I first learned about Franklin & Whitman’s home base being in Philadelphia I was stoked, I absolutely love the city and all of the opportunities that it has to offer. It was fun making the connections of the product names to neighborhoods that I walk through everyday! When Sienna and I first received the products, we literally could not wait to try them out! My personal favorite is the Point Breeze Body Scrub, it smells AMAZING and makes my skin super soft!

So obviously I love their stuff, it smells so good, is great for your skin, and it’s vegan, which is a huge bonus. As I mentioned before, I love animals, and so does Franklin & Whitman! That 5% of all their sales gets donated to Dog Rescue organizations is my absolute favorite aspect of this company. I’m so excited to be working with such an amazing and compassionate company.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this blog! I’ll talk to you all very soon!