Introducing Sienna....


Hey hey there!

My name is Sienna and I’m sliding into the Franklin & Whitman blog as a new content writer! Talk about a great gig.. sheesh. A little about me, I am currently a student at Temple University studying Graphic Design. I LOVE TO CREATE, in all things. A typical day in the life of Sienna consists of classes, exercise, full plates of food, and my best friend Mary by my side (you’ll hear from her soon). As I move into contributing to the Franklin & Whitman blog, what intrigues me the most about this company is their WHY. Franklin & Whitman has such an important WHY, they take 5% of every sale and donate it to Dog Rescue organizations. How amazing is that? Their passion to give back to the community makes me so incredibly proud to be working for them.

What’s my WHY? Why do I love Franklin & Whitman so much?

Honestly, when I first discovered this brand, I was so happy to find a Philadelphia-based company to buy from. Being a Philadelphia resident, I am always looking to find local businesses to give back to in order to feel more connected to my community. Receiving my package in the mail was just about the best day of my life (not joking) because I got the best little thank you card for ordering, everything about my box was considered! It’s the little details that truly matter, and you can tell Franklin & Whitman really values their consideration of detail.

NOW NOW NOW, let’s get down to it. I love their product. I’m not kidding when I say, I pulled out the Midtown Village scrub, opened it in the shower to use it and promptly turned my shower off, grabbed a towel and RAN into Mary’s room and forced her to smell the absolute BLISS that is Midtown Village. I am a coffee fanatic, and this scrub is made from turbinado sugar, fair trade coffee and vanilla....AKA LOVE IN A JAR. If you’re as into coffee as I am, you will probably have the same reaction as I did when I opened it. This is my WHY. The consideration for detail, the pure awesomeness, the simple no-nonsense ingredients, the coffee… I was so hooked, so quickly.

So, here I am! Ready to be working for an amazing company with an amazing WHY. Stay tuned for my bff Mary's intro coming soon!