Why do we do what we do? It's simple. Our purpose is to handcraft amazing, all-natural products for the modern lifestyle using the best ingredients available.  We do this all while helping promote a social mission that is near and dear to our hearts. We promise that our products are all natural, plant based, preservative free, and cruelty free. 


Our social mission drives us! We pledge that we will donate 5% of all Franklin & Whitman sales to Dog Rescue Organizations. That means 5% of every purchase of our products (online or wholesale) goes to helping dogs in need. We also pledge that every single ingredient we use in our products is cruelty free. 


We live by a few powerful rules:

Keep It Boldly Simple- You won't find fifteen to twenty different ingredients in our products. In fact, our products have less than ten ingredients. We have the courage to expertly craft a handful of the best ingredients we can find to reach the desired outcome. 

Feed Your Skin- We forgo harsh and synthetic chemicals in our products. We believe you should feed your skin all-natural products that help nourish and protect it. It is your largest organ after all! 

Do What's Right- We want to leave this world a better place than how we found it. How? By using recycled cardboard in our shipping boxes. By using 100% biodegradable vegetable starch packing peanuts in our shipments (you can melt them in your sink!!!). By only using glass and BPA-free, recyclable plastics. Some of these choices are more expensive than doing what is "easy".  We'd rather do what is right and be able to sleep at night. 

Surprise And Delight- We LOVE our customers. Customer delight is part of our DNA. Every day we try to think of new ways to surprise and delight you. From sending free product samples in your order to going above and beyond to ensure you are happy. It's how we roll. Write an honest product review? We will send you a gift! Post with our products on Instagram? We will send you a coupon code! We want you to be happy and love us. 


Every Franklin & Whitman product is proudly handcrafted in our hometown of Philadelphia. Each product name comes from a neighborhood or park in our wonderful city. Did you know that our company name even comes from something Philly? The Ben Franklin Bridge and the Walt Whitman Bridge are Philadelphia's two major bridges! Our first logo was even a bridge (what were we thinking???). We love our city and couldn't be prouder to call it home.